House re-pipe & pressure on 1/2" meter
Posted by Randy Boyd on August 03, 1999 at 21:03:03:
I have a whole house repipe & bathroom addition in the basement going on. My hardworking plumber has run 1" copper throughout the house, dropping down to go to the fixtures. Today he replaced the main out to the meter, but discovered I only have 1/2" service on my side of the meter, 3/4" service on the city's side (house is 90 years old, don't know when the plumbing was added).

I'm curious about what this means to my overall water pressure. It sure seems that the 1/2" is a huge bottleneck to my 1" system.

Any thoughts, comments or advice would be appreciated. I won't have the 2nd bath functional for another week or so, so I have no way of measuring our satisfaction with the pressure overall and I'm concerned.

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