Toilet Flange
Posted by Josiah Thompson on August 03, 1999 at 10:59:55:
I recently replaced the original "plastic toilet" in my house with ceramic. During the installation I managed to overtighten the closet bolts, damaging the pvc toilet flange. I repaired this with a metal ring, sold for such, although due to a lack of clearance I was forced to adapt it so it would install under the original flange. Unfortunately this leaked and during my second attempt, I broke the remaining side of the PVC flange. It appears that the flange is sitting too high above the floor or the plastic collar in the wax seal is preventing the toilet from going down to the floor. My current problem is how do you remove a damaged PVC toilet flange, so I can replace it and get closer to the floor? It appears glued to the section of pipe below the floor. Is there a solvent that can dissolve this joint? Appreciate any help. Desperate!

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