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Posted by Matt on August 02, 1999 at 20:37:23:
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What about a rear-outlet, floor-mounted toilet?
(I learned about these from this web-site; thanks!)
Since the outlet is 4" of so above the floor, this
would maintain the height advantage, correct? Must
the waste line turn downward immediately after the
flange, or could it run horizontally from that point
(with the required drop, of course)? Thanks for your
help so far. Great site!

- Matt

: The carrier fitting required for a wallhung toilet is quite large and negates any height advantages. It also makes the wall much thicker.

: : I'm finishing the upstairs of a 30 year old,
: : one-and-a-half story house. It has 2X10 floor joists,
: : but the drain lines for the toilets will be tough to
: : fit in the available space and maintain the required
: : drop. Is there any advantage to using a wall-hung
: : toilet? I assume that it has a higher outlet from
: : the trap than a floor-mounted model, so this would give
: : more vertical drop for the drain pipe. Any thoughts?
: : Thanks.

: : - Matt

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