2nd floor spare bedroom to bathroom conversion
Posted by Curt M. on July 31, 1999 at 16:53:40:
My house is 50 years old and was built with only 4 bedrooms, but only 1 bath. It's appraised value is roughly $75,000, probably slightly less than average for the neighborhood. There is no plumbing on the 2nd floor. I have been seriously considering dividing a large, unused spare 2nd floor bedroom into a bathroom and a smaller bedroom . The bath should include toilet, sink, tub, shower, and ceramic tiles on floor and around tub. Plumbing & venting will need to be routed to 2nd floor. Existing circuitry will need to be reworked to accomodate. The bath area would be about 12' X 8'.

Just trying to get a general estimate before getting in over my head.
Curt M.

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