Pipe size and misc. questions...
Posted by Kevin on July 29, 1999 at 08:47:09:
What size PVC line do I run from a vanity (pedestal)sink?

I'm adding a full bath to my house. I discovered a 4" cleanout in my front yard, running down to the main drain, which eventually connects to the sewer line. I excavated around the cleanout and dug a ditch to my front porch where I had to cut a notch in the footing. Tapping into the cleanout, I laid the 3" PVC pipe up to the house yesterday and today I'm running the rest of it through the crawl space up to the bathroom. Several other questions...

Sloping 1/8" per foot of pipe for 3" PVC, right?

Does my vent have to connect to the 3" pipe "down stream" from the point where ALL drain line connect? Or can it be between two fixtures? Does a vent have to be 3" or can it be 2" PVC?

I have defined an interior bathroom wall I have yet to construct or errect. How far from the wall (stud) should I drill the toilet drain hole in the sub-floor? What about the tub drain? (I have not purchased my fixtures yet)

Is 2" PVC drain line sufficient for the toilet and tub drain?

Any responses are appreciated!


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