Water hammer
Posted by Jerry Doyle on July 28, 1999 at 23:44:06:
In a home we have had for 20 years, a heating contractor installed a Lennox complete heat furnace/water heater unit. Due to problems, Lennox replaced the heating/water heater unit 3 or 4 times. After the last replacement, a water hammer effect occurred. Heating contractor felt it was not due to the furnace unit installation and was coincidence...recommended that a pressure reducing valve be installed in the service line to the house..we had that done, pressure was reduced from 100 PSI to 85 PSI to 55 PSI. Hammer still occurred, shutting off hot water faucet especially. After that, we also installed a Laine hot water circulator to get faster hot water to all our fixtures. Noted that the check valve in the recirc pump also activated the water hammer. Had plumber install Sioux 635 arrester at the hot water outlet at water heater. Still hammers. With all this, can you suggest whether it would be loose pipes, air in lines, whatever? We are really puzzled.

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