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Posted by mike on July 27, 1999 at 15:31:51:
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: I am perplexed by your statement that you do
not have enough room for the pipe. Rear outlet toilets take a special fitting, and it always requires at least 2 to 3 inches between the riser pipe and the finished wall. This is in comparison to the conventional installation which allows the wall to be in contact with the riser pipe.

: : I am currently looking into installing a toilet in the attic of my house which I am remodeling. I am considering a rear exit toilet such as the Kohler K-4396 Anglesey, because I do not have enough rough in space from the finished wall to where the drain pipe has to run down to the basement. Do these rear exit toilets work as well as conventional toilets and is there any special piping that is required for these???

We only have one spot where we can run the riser from the basement to the attic. Where the riser comes through, there is only 8" from the finished wall to the center of the drain. The drain cant be moved out any further because it is right against a floor joist. I cant go to the other side of the floor joist because that would put the drain line right through my kitchen. We are dealing with a very tight space.

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