Tub Faucet Leak
Posted by mnj on July 26, 1999 at 13:10:13:
I'm about at my wit's end trying to fix my 2-handled tub faucet. It was leaking profusely from the spout,
when both hot and cold handles were firmly closed. Both stems had been recently replaced (about one year
ago, and the hot water seat was put in new at that time, also. I replaced the cold water seat, and both the
hot and cold seat washers, and that cut down on the leaking considerably, but I am still experiencing a slow
drip. When I removed the cold-water stem for the second time (in order to replace the seat), I noticed that
the outer perimeter of the flat washer I had put in was pulverized (I assumed by the old seat?) But, when I
replaced it with a new washer and installed the new seat, the infuriating dripping did not stop.

I experimented with turning off the hot water to see if the leak was due only to the hot, but this only slowed
the dripping up a bit. Any clue as to how to approach this problem? I wonder if I should be using
bevelled washers instead of flat? Any helpful advice would be appreciated. The Chinese Water Torture
is not doing my nerves any good.

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