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Posted by Dale'plumbing Srvice on July 25, 1999 at 12:53:27:
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: I have a reverse osmosis system and i think maybe the pressure tank may be bad. I can't remember how to test them.
: I pushed on the valve and didn't get any air. It is a small tank and I'm not sure how much air it should have in it. The spigot only put out about 6oz of water before it goes to a trickle. The filters are clean. I just changed them. Any ideas? Greg

Greg, knock on the tank if it sounds hollow it is ok if it has a thud sound it is a bad tank. If you press on the valve stem and water comes out it is bad. the tank should have at least 30 lbs of pressure on it. It should be labeled on the tank as to the proper pressure. Check the manufactures instructions for your unit. Dale Peck LMP

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