Re: Supplying fresh air to a bathroom
Posted by Terry Love on July 23, 1999 at 11:54:47:
In response to Re: Supplying fresh air to a bathroom

: I know this isn't really a plumbing question...

: Do you have any experience with a product called 'Condar Air supply Ventilator' ?(

: For asthetic/architectural reasons we replaced the slider in our bathroom with a fixed glass block window.I'd like to be able to supply a bit of fresh air to the shower enclosure (against an outside wall) for those times when you get overheated due to the temperature/humidity.

: I only have a free area 12" wide and I haven't been able to find an opening window that narrow.

These work well for rooms with fans. For a fan to work well, the room can't be too tight. Using on of these through the wall will help with the return air problem. Sometimes you can leave the bathroom door open a bit, or make sure that there is a gap under the door for return air. Terry

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