Re: Cultured Marble Shower base & walls
Posted by Mary on July 20, 1999 at 22:34:56:
In response to Re: Cultured Marble Shower base & walls
: : My first plan was to install a wet-bed tile shower floor base and Corian walls. I have been told that a pre-cast cultured marble base and sheets of cultured marble for the walls are just as good and half the price. Is this so? What would you recommend?

: I had a contractor who put in a cultured marble sheet at a base to the shower and the d@#n thing leaks every year. Other contractors have told me that the base should be a pan, not a flat sheet, with 4 to 5 inches up the sides. My advice: make sure, if you go cultured marble, that the base is a pan, not flat.

My understanding is that the Lehigh Cultured Marble Co. makes pre-cast cultured marble shower bases. The size that I am considering is 72 x 36. Does anyone have experience with this product? I thought that this type of base would be better than a fiberglass base that can flex with walking on it or crack if something heavy is dropped on it. Please advise.

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