Re: Tie toilet pipe into line outside?
Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on July 19, 1999 at 23:36:14:
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: I want to know if you can tie a toilet pipe in to the line outside by just digging the area to be connected to and up to the house where the new line will come from. (Will we be able to connect the Tee without being able to move the old pipe around?)The old plastic pipe runs right past the site where the new toilet will be. It will be impossible because of the layout of the basement to tie in on the inside of the house. My hubby is at work and I would like to start digging for him if this is feasable. Thanks!

As long as the pipe outside is 3" or larger and it is the building sewer,Yes it is ok. Use a wye fitting and bring 3" into the house. vent the stool with a 2" pipe, PVC or ABS. You can use no hub clamps to make the connections. put a piece of pipe the same size as you are tying into in each end of the wye (6") will be fine. then use no hub clamps to connect the wye to the building sewer drain. Dale Peck LMP

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