Pressure Release Valve--dripping
Posted by estelle kars on July 19, 1999 at 19:55:39:
The pressure release valve has started dripping. I'm trying to find one like it. The cap shows 125 psi and it's 1/2" in diameter. Why is it dripping? Please note--it's NOT the one on the water heater, BUT ANOTHER ONE ON AN OUTSIDE PIPE.

I've only find 3/4" 150 psi. So I tried placing this on the pipe using A reducer connector, BUT water POURS OUT as if it were a wide open tap! So I place the old 1/2" one back on & the water only dribbles out!

Any suggestions as to what's wrong and how I can fix it???

The house is 70 yrs old and I doubt if the valve has been changed, ever!!! (but don't know when it was put on--more than 30 years ago though)

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