whole house temp and pressure balance control
Posted by burke fox, reponse by hj on July 10, 1999 at 20:50:25:
Because the problem is caused by the dynamic flow at each fixture. The system is already balanced at the point where the water enters the house, and if the heater is near that point, or the piping to the heater is adequate, then the pressure is balanced there also. It is when the piping starts to reduce in size, and the pipe length increases that the pressure begins to destabilize. hj

Why is it not possible to have ONE temperature and or pressure control valve for an entire two story
house to maintain hot and cold pressure balance so that no matter who turns on what water where....
the temp in the shower stays the same????

They have individual shower controls, but one must tear the wall apart to install each one separately.
NOT so much fun. It just seems that the system AS A WHOLE could be kept balanced down at the
hot water heater and the cold water input pipe....with just ONE pressure regulating valve.

Thanks for having this nice site....found it with a SNAP search (inktome). I am in Sacramento, CA


hj expained this one in a post I lost.

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