McPherson upflush toilet
Posted by Bill L on July 10, 1999 at 20:15:02:
I too have a McPherson. I'm managing to keep it working, but I have lost all paperwork on it. If anyone will share their descriptions/instructions with me, I would much appreciate it. I too would like to pickup some spare parts against the future.
: :
: : I have a McPherson, Inc. basement flush-up
: : toilet using twin flush valve..has worked very
: : well....I need some parts or a rebuilt valve asm.
: : I can not seem to contact McPherson (Tampa).
: : Their phone is no longer in service. Is there any
: : way you can help me? Thanks very much.

: The valve on my McPherson is leaking and I went so far as to call the St. Petersburg Better Business Bureau in search of McPherson. I got a recorded message stating they are no longer in business. We may all be hosed. I'm still seeking rebuild service or parts. Anyone had any luck with this yet?

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