Price Pfister tub shower diverter
Posted by Rebecca on July 10, 1999 at 20:12:00:

We purchased a Price Pfister PO series shower assembly and installed it ourselves 4 years ago. I cannot locate the installation pamphlet and parts list. The problem we are having is that when we pull the diverter we still get a water flow out of the faucet which affects the pressure of the shower. I can't figure out if we need to replace the whole faucet unit or if we only need to replace some parts. To further complicate matters we can't seem to get the faucet spout to unscrew so any help here would be appreciated.

It sounds like the diverter mechanism on the top spout is not operating properly. If you would like to email me your name and address and let me know if your faucet is chrome or brass I will be happy to send you out a new diverter mechanism.

I believe many plumbers unscrew the tub spout by placing a heavy screwdriver inside the tub spout (where the water comes out) and then turning it. You have to be careful not to scratch the spout itself which is why the screwdriver inside the hole where it is unfinished.

Finally, if you are able to get the spout off, try blocking the pipe for the spout with your hand and see if the problem goes away. If so, you know it's the diverter. If not, there might be some debris or obstruction causing the problem.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Nadler
Price Pfister

phone: 1-800-Pfaucet

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