Electronic faucets & PF2 Energizer
Posted by Mary on July 10, 1999 at 20:06:51:

: Would you recommend using a Speakman or Sloan Electronic faucet for residential kitchen and/or powder room use? If so, is it possible to draw cold water from that faucet (e.g. for a glass of water)?

These faucets are for lav use. I don't know of kitchen applications for these yet. There is no ability to change from warm to cold without changing the settings below the counter. The link below has information on the installation of the sensor faucets. My mother has been asking about these for her home. I have a feeling I will be installing some of them there. Terry

: Does the PF2 Energizer work better than the other Pressurized Flushing Action toilets? Is it really as quiet as a gravity?

Gravity seems quieter than the PF/2 unit. People don't so much mind the noise with these units, as much as they are suprised by them. Terry

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