Re: Venting a gas dryer in an indoor lint vent
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on May 22, 1998 at 21:14:58:
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Ralph: You sound like a real nice guy, and I wouldn't discourage you from being so for the world. However we are living in the most litigous country in the entire world. We have more trial lawyers than hardware store clerks. If you sell a product to a customer that is not intended for the purpose that the customer is going to use it for, you may set the stage for some leagal ramifications at some point down the road.
Being a nice guy is very important, but going to the wall because some sleeze bag lawyer can
make a case (like the lady and the splilled coffee at McDonalds, is something you don't diserve. Be nice...Be careful....Bud

: I'm not sure this is a plumbing question, but I'll give it a shot, and hopefully you can help me.

: Today I sold an indoor dryer vent kit (it collects lint from a dryer which would be difficult to vent outdoors) for a gas dryer, even though the package clearly stated that it was not recommended for gas dryers. I pointed this out to the customer (I work in a hardware store), but she insisted that that was her only option.

: What are the dangers of this situation? If it could really pose a problem, I will probably see her soon, so if I knew the reasons it is not recommended, I could relay that information to her.

: Thank you very much.

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