Re: drain arm
Posted by Terry Love on May 20, 1998 at 11:31:42:
In response to Re: drain arm

Replacing the "dirty" arm to the kitchen sink could range from $150-$1000 depending upon how much is replaced and how covered up it is. Replacing pipe within the confines of the sink cabinet would be fairly easy. Once the work goes past the cabinet, down the wall and through the lower level ceiling, the costs start going up.

Galv pipes for sink drains start to perforate after 45 years. Drains for the lavs and tubs last much longer.

Getting the new roof is a "major". You will have to consider what the home is worth to you with or without the repair to the sink. Once you move in, daily maintenance will take it's course and you will find many new learning experiences are in hand for you. In the last three years, I have replaced the water heater and furnace in my home.
I still think I got a deal.


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