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Posted by Terry Love on June 19, 1999 at 15:10:41:
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: I am in the process of running new 1" black pipe gas lines into my house. Any trade secrets or words of wisdom for lining up the various joints and 'T's? What's the best liquid joint compund to use? If every joint has to be tight, how do you line up the different 'T's that branch off? Do I need a union to do this (to line up all branches)? Is teflon tape also required? Tape first then liquid or vice versa? When is a drip leg required?

: Thanks in advance for all your help!

I use a Rectorseal teflon paste for the threads. I stay away from teflon tape most of the time except for larger pipe in the 2" plus range.

........NO UNIONS............

You can use large wrenches and muscle to align the tees in the proper direction. 18" will do.

Drip legs are not required now that the quailty of the gas is better. If you do add a drip leg, it should be at the appliance before the connecting flex.

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