Re: Reasonable Plumber Fees?
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on June 13, 1999 at 08:27:56:
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Moira:--I think that you have every right to contest...protest...and detest the bill that you got from the Sunday Plumber.
I happen to work on a time and material basis in my service business. If my standard rate per hour is $65 per hr. at regular time and my overtime rate is $100 per hr..............
And I was called for a similar problem, I would itemize the bill as follows...
Travel time to job (both ways)..1 hr. $100.00
Time on job to install tank.....1 hr. $100.00
Time to locate Tank or part @$100.00 hr. (??????)
Cost of expansion tank $452.64
Misc. parts fittings and expendables ( ????)

I can't give you abottom line in your case, because I really don't have enough information to do so fairly and accurately. The cost of the tank sounds mighty high, (about $300 high) but bear in mind I don't have all the info.
The labor portion of the billing is sometimes a hotly contested issue with consumers(for example)
For the sake of arithmatic, lets say the tradesman charges $120.00 per hr. on a overtime basis...that is $2.00 per minute, is that alot? If he worked at your home for 20 minutes, he would paid $40.00, is that alot? Obviously it is not reasonable for anyone to expect or assume that a serviceman can drive to a home on an overtime for 20 minutes for the sum total of $40.00.
I think that you are entitled to a much more detailed explanation of the charges on the billing. All plumbers do not work for the same rates, but all plumbers should be able to give a reasonable explanation of the fees for their services rendered...lots of luck...Bud

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