Reasonable Plumber Fees?
Posted by moira on June 12, 1999 at 23:56:00:
I have some doubts about our recent plumbing service, and wondered if someone could help me reality-check.

We had an existing expansion tank which apparently developed small air holes and consequently overflowed
(so our plumber reasonably said.) The carpet was getting very wet so we called on a Sunday.

The plumber came out and worked for an hour. My husband came downstairs as he finished up to inquire what
was done; the plumber explained that he'd intalled a new expansion tank (actually cutting it into the old one).
He further said the new tank wasn't absolutely necessary -- we could achieve the same thing by doing yearly
maintenance on the old -- but that the new one would be easier. (The new tank was very small: an Amtrol Extrol model 15.

When we got the bill several weeks later, it was for $574.84. And totally unitemized! I sent it back asking for an
itemization, and found the various small parts and labor seemed reasonable, but the expansion tank was $452.64.

Isn't it customary for a plumber to consult with the home owners before installing an optional $450 part?

And does $450 seem like a fair price for this expansion tank?

I appreciate any and all takes on our experience. I will probably be contesting this bill.

Thank you so much,

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