Re: Toilet sewer odor
Posted by the Mad Plumber on June 12, 1999 at 21:53:59:
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: Our house is 19 months old. In January of this year we noticed an odor, which I charactized
: as sewer odor. After much hassle the plumbing contractor came out. He removed the toilet
: and installed a new wax gasket and reinstalled the toilet. He said the toilet had been installed
: wrong! The odor is still there but not as bad. We are at a loss as to what to do. What can be
: causing the problem?
: thanks

If the wax is sufficient, there should be no sewer gas. I like to feel the wax squishing down as I push the toilet down. Or it could be a crack in the toilet that allows gas to escape. Or it could be a mouse loose in the walls and ceiling peeing all over and smelling it up that way too. I've seen it man! I had to tear apart the walls, just ripped them down to get to that bad smell. Rip, rip rip! I painted over the urine with Zerolac, a white lacquer that covers over smells. They use it for fire restorations. I hated those mieces to pieces! the Mad Plumber

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