Re: shower drains vs tub drains
Posted by the Mad Plumber on June 12, 1999 at 21:29:25:
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: Why do showers have to be drained with 2 inch, but tubs can be 1 1/2 inch.I've been told,
: its because of more constant flow to shower,well i take a shower in my tub everyday! not only that
: when the kids get out of the tub ,they sometimes wash quite the glob of sludge down that 1 1/2 inch drain
: where the guest house(with shower only) doesn't get all the mud and squished grime that
: comes with small children or in many cases pets! what gives

What gives! Why aren't all tubs required to be two inch? How come they're only 1-1/2"? Have you ever had to snake a measly, tiny, smallish little tub drain before. Man!! Don't even think about it! And when you drain a tub when you're done with your bath. I can hear it draining in the next room forever. I'd like a faucet that fills the tub in two minutes, so that the tub is ready by the time I'm undressed. I can't stand waiting. And when I want to drain the tub, Drain it man! When I turn on the jets, I want the water to stay hot. Hot I said! I want that extra little in-line water heater to keep the water hot. Hot, hot I said, not the creepy lukewarm stuff you wind up bathing in. And when I get out the tub, I want a mat to step on. Not that damned cold marble floor that I slip and fall on! Dang! that hurts! When I dry off, I want that towel to be hanging on a oil filled heated towel bar. I want that towel hot too. Damn hot!
Arrghh! I'm such a Mad Plumber!

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