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Posted by joe on June 11, 1999 at 20:41:29:
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: help!! our house has a strange hot water problem. no matter which faucet you use in the house, it takes for ever for the water to begin to get warm. there is no water pressure problem, it just seems that my hot water pipes must be routed around botswana. anyone have any ideas??

Do like I do run the water into jugs use it for drinking water-flowers-pour them into the washer
it used to take up to a gallon of water to get hot water where I used to live because of the heaters location. Hopefuly your problem is the same-my water heater now is right next to the kitchen sink I still end up with a lot of filled jugs just
think of the wasted water times 4 (in my situation) I emailed my water company since they want conservation tips.Bet they don't suggest it. Joe.

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