2 ??s: Wonderboard and toilet flange
Posted by Lyle on June 11, 1999 at 19:43:13:
Q1: I've received multiple, conflicting reports... Some say put wonderboard over greenboard and others say you can attach the wonderboard directly to the studs. Which is it??? Which is preferred?
Q2: I had to tear out the the tile (over mortar) floor to repair the subflooring in my bathroom. I plan on replacing it with vinyl sheet flooring. My problem is that the toilet flange now sticks up an inch higher than the new floor. Should I find a way/pay a plumber to lower the cast iron sewer pipe or build a 1-inch "pedestal" for the toilet to sit on? Any suggestions?
Thanks a bunch and a speedy answer would keep me working over the weekend. -Lyle

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