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Posted by Terry Love on May 17, 1998 at 15:56:18:
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If the tub is a cast iron tub, below is the answer. If the tub is steel or fiberglass you can cut the tub with a sawzall.
A. You are about to tackle one of my favorite jobs, removing a cast iron tub. Cast iron tubs weigh about 300 pounds. They are hard to install when new and almost impossible to remove and useless to anyone but a metal salvage outfit.
1. remove the waste & overflow drain fittings. the top part is held on with screws, the bottom drain fitting, threads into a receiving female thread. Tools are sold for removing the lower drain fitting, ( a tub tool)
2. lay a plastic sheet over the tub, and put on eye protection. (the plastic sheet helps to keep the glass from flying up and cutting skin). use a sledge hammer to break the tub up, starting at the mid point, breaking the tub at least into quarters.
3. carry out in pieces.

Always install a new waste & overflow drain. If you use a tub drain with slip joint nuts, keep with the brass body ones. The lift linkage on the ABS drains don't last very long. Some local plumbing inspectors require tub drains with no slip joint fittings, (ABS glued fittings) I prefer the brass bodied ones such as the Price Pfister 19-010

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