Re: Swimming Pool Heater/boiler not working
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on May 17, 1998 at 14:15:01:
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Karl: If your pool or Spa heater is a Teledyne Lars type, and all operating power is supplied by the 300millivolt thermocouple. You may wish to trouble shoot the problem in this way

If the standing pilot is on, then check to see that the pump is running with sufficient force
to close the sail switch (momentarily short across terminals). then check the high limit switch for operation (momentarily short across terminals) then check the thermostat (momentarily short across terminals. If after this procedure the main burner fails to come on , I would suspect the main burner control valve. REMEMBER ..DO NOT PUT A PERMINENT JUMPER ON ANY OF THE ABOVE CONTROLS..
If the unit is a common one such as the one described, there are only a few things in a series circuit to check. The operating voltage is supplied by the thermocople and it completes the cicuit by way of 1. the sail switch (this keeps the main burner from running if there is no movement of water passed the switch, this protects against damage to the heater or steam being generated inside the heater) 2. the high temperature limit switch (opens the circuit if the water gets dangerously hot) . 3. The operating thermostat (controls the temperature of the water. Really quite simple...Lots of luck..Bud.

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