Clogged main drain line
Posted by Ed Hibner on May 17, 1998 at 03:31:13:
I have a 45 year old house with galvanized drain pipes. The kitchen sink backs up, but the rest of the house, which is downline of the kitchen, is fine. We had the septic tank pumped out a few months ago, and a plumber supposedly cleaned out the main drain maybe a year ago. I tried both a manual snake and high pressure garden hose (it has about 125lbs pressure) to no avail. The snake goes in about 10 feet, then suddenly hits something. I suspect it maybe hit a serious bend in the line. No matter how much I try to turn or twist it, it just won't continue on, and i know there's another 20-30 feet to go before it passes out the other end of the house to turn out toward the septic tank. And of course the clog can't be too much further than where the snake stops because remember, only the kitchen is clogged.
My question is, can I rent a motorized snake that will be able to handle any tees or elbows commonly found in drain lines? I don't want to spend the money and then have to go and hire a plumber anyway. Please help! Thanks. E.H.

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