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Posted by Terry Love on June 03, 1999 at 01:59:08:
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: We are in the process of removing our original installed 1950's-era built-in iron tub. We wanted to put in a gorgeous new bath bay, but because of sizing of doors in house, could not.

: We were shown an alternative product (this one happens to be put out by Sterling--A Kohler subsidiary I think) made of "Vikrell." (some kind of composite plastic or fiber I guess). It consists of the tub and three-locking plates, that form a bay-type tub.

: 1. Is anyone familiar with this product/durability.

: 2. Can this be mounted directly onto the studs (I was given three different answers from three different salesmen) It does appear tight and sturdy enough.

These are good products. I have installed a "few" of them. The tub is installed first, and then the walls "snap" in. They are designed to be installed next to the wood studs. However, in a fire wall situation, you could have a layer of two of 5/8" behind for a fire stop. Keep in mind that the unit needs 60" in the clear. Drywall is installed over the nailing flange, much like the fiberglass enclosures.

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