Re: Slow Toilet
Posted by Terry Love on June 03, 1999 at 01:37:43:
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: I know this is a common problem but hopefully you can give me some advice.

: The water swirls in the bowl but doesn't completely empty. Takes several flushes to clear the waste.

Take paper towels and flush them down, with your hand on the flapper of the toilet so you can stop the water flow quickly in case of a flood. If the paper towel does not flush down, assume that either there is something inside the trapway, or that the main line is backing up. Sometimes things will jam up inside the trapway that you can not see. Before resetting the toilet. Take it outside and set it on blocks. Flush using a bucket of water pouring into the bowl. It should flush fine there. If it doesn't, check out the toilet report and buy one that works. Good Luck,

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