Shower stall repair
Posted by Andy on June 01, 1999 at 06:39:24:
Hi Terry
I am from Sydney Australia.
Had a leaky shower and lifted tiles from base of shower, one course
up the walls and around the two sides of the shower wall (opposite corner).
So far so good. On removing tiles from the 2 sides (opposite corner), found previous
construction had used what looks like pavers with a rubbery type product
on them (which I assume acted as the original membrane) The pavers have
been built up two sides and top with some kind of mortar/glue type substance
giving them almost a house brick size. Why he didn't use house bricks originally
escapes me! Anyway, having removed this I now have to replace it to get the
same fit to match where the tiles have been put on the floor outside the shower.
Any ideas as to the best way to do this?
I have a waterproofing kit to install before relaying tiles.
Secondly, what is the best way to get the sloping floor of the shower back to
its original depth having removed the tiles ? I assume that under the removed tiles
there is a big pile up of glue etc from the original laying. Is it just a matter of
scraping it back ? Is it important to get it totally flat before relaying new tiles?
Does it need sand/cement to level it or will the glueing be sufficient.

Any of your ideas will be appreciated.



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