Re: Air in Water Lines
Posted by Jim on May 27, 1999 at 23:16:04:
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: : We have a home supplied by city water. Every
: : couple of days, when the water is turned on,
: : air and water come out momentarily (couple
: : of bursts). It's worse after we run
: : the sprinkler system which has an electric pump
: : for improved sprinkler pressure. Our neighbors
: : don't have this problem - in fact, our old home
: : which was 2 blocks away did not have the problem
: : either. There are no leaks in the system.
: : Where is the air coming from and how do we fix
: : this? Thanks!!

: : Is it through the whole house or is it at a sink with a sprayer, if it has a sprayer open the sprayer before you turn the water on and hold it open while turning on the water, if it doesn't do it,it may be the sprayer or hose. I've had this problem twice in a couple of months. The first time I seen the leak at the sprayer the new sprayer solved the problem but it's doing it again
: .
: If it's throughout the house I just read that the pressure in your hot water heater may have a build up because of the pressure not building up enough to release the press. They suggested opening the pressure release valve. It's usually safe doing that, just be careful safety wise.

It's throughout the whole house... especially after running the sprinkler but also happens on occasion... every couple of days. So your suggestion is to open the hot water tank pressure relief valve? How often... or only once to relieve a bubble?

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