Vacuity Toilets
Posted by John Bailey on May 27, 1999 at 20:31:17:
I'm considering installing a Briggs Vacuity toilet in an upstairs bathroom of a 30 year old house I bought two years ago. I heard from one of the local retailers that they'd been to a product show where a Vacuity flushed 5 golfballs with one flush. I hate to be gullible, but this sounds pretty promising. I've heard enough horror stories on these 1.6g units to be wary of all of them. I see on your consumer toilet report that you list this unit as "quiet." Do you have any additional information you can give me? Is the brochure Briggs puts out on this telling the truth? Also, is the 5-year warranty only applicable if I have a licensed polumber install this? What if I do it myself? Thanks for the assistance.

John Bailey


In the real world, flushing golf balls doesn't mean much.  Small round balls are not what I find blocking trapways.  Things that are round or rounded seem to bounce their way down the drain.   A bigger concern, is whether the bowl clears small matter and does not "catch" items like paper.  The Vacuity has been a bit weak on clearing small items from the bowl.  

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