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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service on May 25, 1999 at 07:26:08:
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: : How much of a project is it installing a cleanout(outside of course because of my one story/concrete slab house)into a cast iron sewer pipe? I'm guessing I'd go to a plastic cleanout I've had to open cast Iron cleanouts in my earlier years IT'S No Fun!
: : Thanks
: : Joe

: Joe, get a 4" twin cleanout and some 4" sch 40 pipe and 2 fernco rubber no hub connectors. dig up the cast iron, put a piece of sch 40 6" long in the inlet and out let of the sch 40 twin co and measure the length and then cut out the section of cast iron. use a cast iron cutter or a sawsall with a blade for cutting cast iron. use a 5/16th nut driver to clamp down the fernco connectors.use a 4" female adapter and plug at ground level. measure the pipe from the female ad to the tee and put it together. uas pvc glue and primer. use safty glasses. hope this helps. Dale

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