Mortar/Plaster Support for Tub
Posted by Bill Mellon on May 23, 1999 at 03:30:22:
I'm putting a Jacuzzi in an alcove. They say it should supported underneath with a bed of mortar or
plaster covered with 2 mil poly. I checked old messages here & they don't quite lay out the details
as much as I'd like... 1) Exactly what kind of mortar and plaster? 2) Which is preferable, and why?
3) Is plaster water-proof, or will I have a big mess if there's a leak? 4) Can the material be removed
easily later? 5) IMPORTANT - Do I just mound it up underneath & plop the tub on top? Won't it
squish/flow out from underneath? Should I build a frame around the area to hold the material in?

This is a sensitive issue for us since our current tub cracked in the middle from improper support/
installation by the builder (BTW we also got stuck with polybutylene pipes that split open, and didn't
hear about the settlement til too late...)

One other question - should I put some kind of insulation between the tub & alcove walls to cut
down on noise? Thanks for the great site by the way!!!

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