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Posted by Michael on May 17, 1999 at 10:38:18:
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RESPONSE: If you want to upgrade your system to a better copper, they will ask you to pay the difference. It should not be that much of a difference.

: After years of dealing with the poly-pipe I am finally going to get my pipe replace.

: But here is the problem. When I started talking to the people who are subcontracted to handle the claim and to the plumbers who are handling the job, I was being told that CPVC is all that will approve. I pressed a little further and the people handling the claim (not the plumber), admitted that it was my choice to have copper or CPVC. Well, I said that copper is my preference and make it "L" copper. I only said L copper because that is what one of their representatives said I should ask for (the guy that came out to inspect the water coming up from the foundation!). To make a long story short, they first lie to me about CPVC-- that is it the only thing they will approve. Then they say copper is really my choice, but now it is M. I have read the settlement and it says that it is the home ower's decision as to the type of system. Now I get a letter saying that they are going to deactivate my claim it I don't tell them what I want in 7 days (they have dragged their feet for nearly 6 months since the foundation leak). I have talked to a guy on our street and he got L copper with no cost to him.

: So, finally, here is my question. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS RECEIVED A SETTLEMENT IN THE COX CASE THAT GOT "L" COPPER? If you, or anyone you know has received "L" copper please email me ASAP. Thanks!

: Please response to:

: Tom

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