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Posted by Stev on May 17, 1999 at 09:34:43:
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I don't know what plumbers or others think about this, but I wouldn't worry about it. All snakes wish to avoid human contact, so they aren't going to be coming after you. And the vast majority of snakes are non-poisonous, so that shouldn't be a problem. If you have snake food around, in other words, if rats and mice live under or near your house, this attracts snakes. Otherwise, they'll go elsewhere. Poisonous spiders are far more common in crawl spaces and should be a greater cause for concern than a snake.

: Terry,

: I'm retired and have to do most of the repairs around the house. Just can't afford to have it done professionaly. Anyway, everytime I have go under the house to repair something I see snake skins. I've never actually seen a snake under the house but have seen several skins. My question is how do professional plumbers deal with the presence of or the possible pressence of snakes while working under the house?

: Thanks, Tom

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