Replacing wall hung toilet
Posted by Nancy on May 15, 1999 at 16:07:23:
We want to replace a 5 gpf, (vintage 1965) two piece
wall hung toilet with another wall hung unit. I have
some questions - thanks for help on any of them.

1. I've read that there are problems replacing a 5 gpf
with a 1.6 gpf because the the 1.6 needs a narrower drain
with smooth surface. Is this true, and if so, is it
possible to replace enough of the piping to work well?

2. The few wall hung units I've found often have the
tank in the wall. How much space does this take and
how do you prevent condensation in the wall?

3. I haven't been able to find many wall hung models
that don't look like they are for industrial use.
Also, I don't have much space - about 6" inside my
current wall plus 27" beyond. Any recommendations?

4. Does anyone know how the Gerberit shower toilet,
which has a wall hung version, would do in my

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