Re: Water to refrigerator
Posted by Jim Creighton on May 12, 1999 at 11:07:33:
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The refrigerator has a 1/4" compression coupling on the back for a copper. Depending on the position of the refrigerator related to the closest cold water source, you'll perhaps need to drill a cabinet to get to the sink, a wall to get to another source, or have another supply line run. Self piercing taps (a valve with a sharp point that punches into an existing copper line) are available that you can "saddle" onto a line under your sink (or wherever) to provide a source.
However you route your line to the water source, when figuring how much copper tubing you need, be sure to allow for a loop about 2' diameter behind the refrigerator to give you plenty of slack to pull it out for cleaning & servicing.
Hope this helps - Jim

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