Shower Installation
Posted by Greg Bogdanoff on May 11, 1999 at 01:15:53:
I'm installing a Firestone corner shower base and planning to ceramic tile two side and use a glass enclosure for the other two.


1. Is the shower base attached any way to the walls or floors? I think the last time I did this I put mortar underneath to prevent the large pan from flexing under weight. (I'm using a wood subfloor.)

2. I'm planning to use 1/4" wonder board as backing for the ceramic tile. Do I put anything on the studs like tar paper or construction paper before I screw the wonder board on? How does "backer" board compare with "wonder" board for my application?

3. Last time I installed a shower I had a pro install the neo angle enclosure because I was told it is 'tricky'. Do you think a right angle enclosure is "doable" for the home owner given that the walls will be plumb?

Thanks in advance.

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