slow drain, backflow, dead toilet
Posted by Jeff Wutzke on May 10, 1999 at 17:40:33:
Without warning Sunday p.m. the toilet stopped flushing (fortunately didn't quite overflow), and the drains all got v-e-r-y slow, particularly the nearby bathtub drain. Nauseatingly, when I plungered the toilet, its water level went down -- only to re-appear in the bathtub. My assumption: a guest at a party the night before flushed something she shouldn't have. The particularly odd thing though is that Sunday a.m. showers, sink & toilet worked fine; the problem first appeared as the washer began draining.

We're on a concrete slab (yeah!), so I'm not sure where the pipes go. I tried snaking the toilet but couldn't get the thing past the toilet trap (P trap?) -- any tips? Also tried snaking the tub, but there's apparently more than one sharp turn, & couldn't get more than 2 feet in (and I don't think that was the clog) -- again, any tips welcome.

Use of major chemicals (sulphuric acid base (a quart in 1 cup doses over 3 hours), and some overnight bubbling enzyme) resulted in a slow flow out of the tub, but there is still some backflow from the toilet or bathroom sink after a few gallons run -- I presume after the now-empty pipe fills behind the blockage.

Any advice welcome -- more chemicals? round 2 with snake? dynamite the slab? From reading old postings this also sounds alot like a vent problem -- it was fine a couple months ago, but I will check tonight.


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