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Posted by hj on May 10, 1999 at 10:02:30:
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Most of the systems are equal as far a the pumps go. Since it will be controlling the sewage for the entire building, I would not recommend anything less than a dual unit with alternating operation, and emergency two pump operation in the event of high water level in the pit, and a visual/audible alarm system to indicate total failure of the pump system. This last should be connected to a normally closed solenoid valve in the building service so that no water can be used if the electric service or pumps fail. This will prevent a flood due to lack of pumping ability.
: I am building a new home which the elevation is below the main sewer line so I have been told I need
: a grinder pump installed for all grey and black water. My questions are:

: 1) who makes the best or the top 3-5 so I don't have to replace often?
: 2) are there single and/or dual pumps and what are the pro's and con's for just 2 adults and we will probably
: stay in the house for 7-10 years.
: 3) is there a preference in material i.e. fiberglass vs steel or metal?
: 4) are there different sizes for just 2 adults with normal to sub-normal water and sewage usage?

: And any other details that would be helpful before we spend $1000's to get this project done?

: Thanks for your help!

: Blessings

: Bill Westfall

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