Re: Leaking shut-off valve
Posted by Terry Love on May 08, 1999 at 21:31:45:
In response to Re: Leaking shut-off valve

: I went to open the valve for one of my hose bibs the other day and it leaked. It had been shut for the winter.
: The valve is in a heated basement, mounted upside down. When I opened it, it leaked. I shut it and the leak
: stopped. The leak dripped down directly around the stem. My house is five years old and this has not
: happened before. The valve has a copper thumb screw on the side of the copper tee. I assume this valve cannot
: be re-packed. Does the valve need to be replaced? What is the thumb screw for? Thanks for your help.

The valve stem can be repacked, or you might want to try a wrench on the bonnet nut and give it a tweak. It may stop the leak. The thumb screw is the winter drain down fitting. When the valve is in the "off" position, the drain can be opened. Terry

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