Slow Toilet
Posted by Dennis Jones on May 08, 1999 at 18:37:33:
I know this is a common problem but hopefully you can give me some advice.

The water swirls in the bowl but doesn't completely empty. Takes several flushes to clear the waste.

I have a toilet that has been running slow for the last few months. Seeing some of the posts here and
other places I assumed the problem was in the trap of the toilet. So I got a closet auger and went through
the toilet with it several times. No change. Then I pulled the toilet from the floor and inspected the trap. I
didn't try running the auger from the bottom. It didn't seem that anything was blocking the trap. Nothing
was blocking the wasteline just below the toilet.

After reseating the toilet, it seemed to work better for a few weeks. Then it started not emptying the
bowl again. The difference this time is it flushes fine the first thing in the morning or after it hasn't been
used for an extended period of time.

So I am thinking that maybe there is some blockage between the toilet and the vent junction that might
be causing this. It manages to clear enough over time that the first flush of the morning is good. What
do you folks think? I'm considering getting a snake and running it down the line from the toilet. Any
ideas? If I do get the snake and run it down, should I remove the toilet first. Or should I give in and call
a plumber?



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