Re: Air bubble when flushing toilet
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing on May 08, 1998 at 10:08:45:
In response to Re: Air bubble when flushing toilet
Dave: The "bloop" you are referring to is caused by the siphon jet feature designed into the toilet. This feature initiates the flushing action, and makes this type of toilet among some of the best performers ever produced. Occasionally this "bloop" can become a little to vigorous and may result in a "whoops!" or a "holy makeral!". The "bloop" can be controlled somewhat by reducing the volume of water in the toilet tank to a point that still gives a satisfactory flushing action and a minimal "bloop". If you have a "super blooper", flushing while in the supine position can be like playing "Russian Roulette". Lots of luck.........Bud

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