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Posted by Erland on May 07, 1998 at 20:32:30:
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: Three weeks ago my two children were burned while in the bathtub. The pressure had somehow built up behind the wall and blew off the hot water nozzle. My daughter received 2nd degree burns and my son received 1st degree. I am wondering what actually caused the build up. Within 5 minutes our entire home was filled with steam. The setting was on the lowest (the setting for hot water). Can you help explain to me how a water heater works and what would cause such a problem?

I,t oo would have to agree with Terri. The only way that that could happen is if the Temperature and safety relief valve was either missing or permanently plugged. Otherwise, long before the temperature could get high enough to cause your unfortunate accident it should have blown and relieved the pressure.

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