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Posted by Erland on May 07, 1998 at 20:27:53:
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: In my new home it takes a least 3 minutes to get hot water in the upstairs shower. We have 1 - 50 gal. water heater serving the 2900 sq. Ft. home.
: Is there some way( ie: system) we can get so we don't waste all that water. I've heard of a system that pumps the hot water into the cold line for a short time.

: Thank's

: Bill

Bill, I have a suggestion that, based on the size of the house it shouldn't really be neccessary but with the hot water response time you are getting, may be practical. It is simply the installation of a hot water recirculation line. What this does is to occasionally run a small pump to circulate the water from the farthest point, or as near as practical, in the hot water lines and return it to the hot water source. This type of system would require running a new line from that farthest point back to the hot water source, connecting it to the recirculation pump {Bronze body, like a hot water heat circulator} and reconnecting it to the cold side of the water heating device. It is normally run off of a temperature sensing device {such as an aquastat} that turns the pump on when the water gets too cold. That will definitely improve the amount of time that you need to wait to get hot water to the faucet. I would, however, strongly suggest insulating the associated hot water line if possible to help keep the 'standby' heatloss to a minimum.

Erland the Plumber

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