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Posted by Dale's plumbing Service on May 04, 1999 at 17:58:53:
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: Hello,

: I have a 100yr old victorian. In the basement there is plumbing in the floor,
: under concrete. However, these pipes have been long since abandoned.
: They were once used for a bathroom apartment in the basement, but
: they are in the wrong place even if they were functional.

: I want to locate a toilet, sink, and washing machine in a section that if about
: 12 feet from the main cast iron stack. There is not a vent in the basement.

John, I live in kansas so i know the code very well. are you on the mo. side or ks side?. there are many books available in your library to help you. i can draw you a layout but i would need to see a plan of some sort. if you could draw it for me in your computer you could e-mail it to me and i'll draw the plumbing layout for you.or call me at 316-543-2222 in the evenings.Dale
: I am reasonably handy in general, so I want to do this by myself. I dont mind the concrete saw
: and jackhammer, digging, etc .... BUT I dont know how to rough in plumbing, much less
: doing it in such a non standard situation.

: What I need is either a LOT of advice, or more importantly, a book on how to rough-in plumbing.

: Also, if you know of any GOOD plumbers in the Kansas City area, I would like to know who
: they are (just moved here, dont know anyone yet) .....

: Thanks in advance for any and all help and recomendations you can give,
: John

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