Re: Low Water Pressure
Posted by Erland on May 07, 1998 at 20:13:52:
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: Recently, I began having trouble with the water pressure to my
: kitchen sink. The water would just come out in a dribble. I
: installed a new faucet, but the problem is still occurring.
: The line that feeds the kitchen sink also splits off and feeds
: the bathroom sink as well. The pressure in the bathroom is
: perfect. I have checked for leaks along the line going to the
: kitchen and there are none. The pipe is copper 1/2". What
: else could I check out before having to call the experts in?

: Thanks,
: Brian.

From what I can tell of what you wrote, it sounds like the problem may be in the shutoff beneath the sink? Most likely there are two stop that go to feed the kitchen faucet. If you installed a new faucet then that should eliminate it being a problem with a plugged aerator or faucet cartridge but there may be a stop before it gets to the faucet. If it is happening on either the hot or the cold and not both then the odss are good that that is where the problem lies. If so, you can shut off the water main and dissamble the heads of the valve(s) to look for blockage. Make sure that you take the pressure off the line with open faucets before you do that though or you will be in for a wet surprise. :)


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